Healthcare Data Analytics

Data Design

Healthcare analytics requires specialized approaches to safely and securely navigate requirements such as PII, PHI and HIPAA. Once we define your audiences and what insights they are trying to discover, we can target the necessary data needed to build a successful dashboard.

Data Prep

Data is usually messy. Data resides in a variety of locations. Data is constantly in flux. Through thoughtful ETL processes, we can develop a visual workflow to corral, clean, and organize your data to prepare it for use in your data visualization platform.

Data Visualization

We create high-performance data visualizations that enable point-and-click analysis of your data. From discovering insights hidden in your data to visual storytelling, our dashboards leverage business intelligence tools like Tableau to bring your data to life.

Health Care Data Analytics Expertise

Tableau Analytics Health Care Platform Development

Designed, developed and deployed dozens of HIPAA-compliant Tableau analytics solutions for numerous healthcare clients including Kaiser Permanente, Abbott Labs, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Wyoming Department of Health, University of Nebraska Medical Center, University of Utah Health, Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, and the University of Colorado School of Public Health HealthLinks Program.

HIPAA-Compliant Data Analytics

Developed HIPAA-compliant data analytics platforms using Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop since 2013 (and Tableau Prep since it was released in 2018).

Healthcare Research

Digital health technical advisor to health research teams at institutions including University of Nebraska Medical Center, Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, Virginia Tech Translational Obesity Research Center, and University of Utah Health.

Digital Health SaaS Experience

Data Methods CEO Todd McGuire served as CTO of digital health company focused on obesity and type 2 diabetes prevention, leading software engineering teams in development of secure healthcare applications for iOS, Android, and private web portals over a 20 year period.

Awarded CDC Full Recognition for Diabetes Prevention Platform

Developed diabetes prevention coaching system called #PreventDiabetes that received full recognition status from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) National Diabetes Prevention Program. Analyzed and reported multi-year HIPAA-compliant cohort analysis to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and partner healthcare organizations.

Published Research

Published research in peer-reviewed medical journals including Preventive Medicine, Journal of General Internal Medicine, and the Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.  Full list of research published here.

Health Tech & Data Analytics Intellectual Property

Lead inventor on U.S. and Australian patents for remote patient monitoring systems and data visualization technologies.

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